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Clari's Groove sales platform delivers 238% ROI in six months, says study
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Clari has revealed companies utilising its sales engagement solution, Groove, have seen a dramatic 238% return on investment (ROI), $7.35M net present value (NPV), and payback in under six months.

This is according to a recent total economic impact study commissioned by Clari and completed by Forrester Consulting, which sought to quantify the value of Groove, the sales solution that utilises workflow automation and AI to assist sales reps in creating profitable pipelines and engaging most effectively with prospects.

It is recognised that creating and converting pipelines is at the forefront of company strategies. However, many enterprises are battling with manual and inconsistent sales procedures and a lack of immediate, data-driven insights, resulting in stalled revenue capture, informally known as 'revenue leak'.

Clari's solution, Groove, aims to tackle this issue head-on by enabling organisations to establish best cadences that aid revenue teams, from prospecting and deal-making to account expansion, ultimately driving further revenue growth and precision.

According to the independent study, The Total Economic Impact of Groove, organisations employing Groove saw significant "improvements to the number of first meetings booked, increased deal conversion for new business, and increased customer renewal rates.

Sellers and managers gained efficiencies by streamlining manual tasks and leveraging existing content and best practices stored within the platform to eliminate redundancy and save time with outreach, onboarding, and rep coaching preparation."

The Forrester study based its conclusions on interviews with six Clari customers. A composite organisation - a mix of these customers - enjoyed the following benefits over three years whilst using the Groove solution:

  • Profits of $1.2 million through deal conversion rate improvements
  • A 30% boost in securing first meetings
  • Up to 4% increases in customer renewal rates
  • 100% elimination of manual activity logging
  • 83% time savings on writing emails
  • 33% time savings on coaching prep
  • 15% on onboarding new hires
  • $350,000 in annual savings from retiring preceding sales point solutions

The study also offered insight into other potential Groove benefits, including better sales team accountability, increased seller platform adoption, improved client data security, adaptable customer support, and a surge in Salesforce usage.

Andy Byrne, Clari's CEO, claims that "the customer value of Groove's sales engagement capabilities is unmatched and is further amplified when integrated with Clari's market-leading AI-powered Revenue Platform."

He continues to state encouragingly that in today's economy, companies would be wise in exploring Clari and Groove's capabilities to combine all revenue-critical employees to cooperate on and manage every component of the revenue process for execution at the highest level.

Before Groove's introduction, the sales leaders interviewed by Forrester noted how their organisations struggled developing an effective, data-informed selling culture. Hindered by manual processes and a lack of reliable data, it was unclear which activities were successful and which weren't.

After Groove's implementation, they praised a wide range of the solution's benefits, with many expressing how they could now achieve their organisation's ambitions more effectively.

Companies consolidating their revenue technology on Clari's platform allow their revenue teams to execute every internal and external revenue workflow. As a result, customers commonly see significant improvements across key revenue metrics including 24% win rate increases, 10% fewer slipped deals, a 12-fold increase in forecast accuracy, and an 80% improvement in productivity.