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Scrumconnect awarded GBP £3.6m DWP contract for SME digital health service
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

Scrumconnect Consulting, an acclaimed digital technology firm based in the UK, has been granted a GBP £3.6 million contract by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The contract entails Scrumconnect launching a digital service that supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to secure government subsidies, lowering the costs of occupational health assessments for workers dealing with physical and mental health challenges.

The innovative online offering aims to enhance assistance for thousands facing the risk of prolonged sick leave, potential work absences, and a potential drop in income, and will also compile a list of approved Occupational Health Assessment Providers to elevate knowledge of accessible services.

The new contract highlights Scrumconnect's intent to break down barriers between Occupational Health Assessment Providers and SMEs. The expected outcome of the online digital service is to lessen the financial strain of health assessments for employees struggling with physical and mental health issues, affecting countless individuals potentially at risk of long-term illness and significant income losses.

Funded with a GBP £3.6 million contract extending over two years starting from September 2023, the digital service will enable SMEs to apply for government subsidies. Furthermore, the registry of certified Occupational Health Assessment providers will look to extend consciousness about the obtainable services. This move is aimed at enhancing the health of the employees while promoting productivity, encouraging worker retention, and reducing workdays lost to illness.

Praveen Karadiguddi, CEO at Scrumconnect Consulting, explained the impetus for the project: "Creating an inclusive, diverse workforce is vital for SMEs to be successful. And although occupational health assessments for individuals struggling with physical and mental health problems have always been available, awareness is low, and the process can be costly."

"By providing an online digital service for SMEs to apply for subsidised assessments, we can empower them to support employees. This will help to prevent talented individuals from falling out of the workforce."

The assignment expands on Scrumconnect Consulting's existing work with DWP, following previous efforts to overhaul Pension Credit into a digital service. This platform enabled individuals with low income over the State Pension age to secure additional funding from the DWP. The service supported over 12 million people above the State Pension age to uncover whether they met the criteria for extra financial assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.

Speaking on the prospects of the new project, Praveen Karadiguddi stated, "Creating user-centric solutions is at the heart of what we do, and this project is an opportunity to really improve the lives of citizens. So, we are excited about working with DWP again to provide a first-class service to SMEs and their employees. Our outcome-based approach will be crucial to delivering a digital service that will really drive inclusivity and better health in the workplace."