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UiPath expands partnership with Google Cloud to enhance workplace automation
Mon, 4th Mar 2024

Leading enterprise automation software vendor UiPath has extended its relationship with Google Cloud to introduce pivotal changes in workplace automation with Google Cloud's Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a Premier Level partner, UiPath is now purchasable on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This makes accessibility simpler for Google Cloud clients wanting to deploy the UiPath Business Automation Platform on Google Cloud infrastructure.

The expanded partnership facilitates a more effortless AI-powered automation journey for clients that includes integration with Google Cloud's Vertex AI and Google Workspace. Kelly Ducourty, Chief Customer Officer at UiPath, commented, "Our partnership with Google Cloud is an essential part of our strategy to help joint customers achieve AI-powered automation across the business. This expanded partnership reinforces our shared mission to bring the transformative force of AI to life in the enterprise."

Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Go to Market, Google Cloud, believes that generative AI and automation will be crucial accelerators to business transformation. Through the integration of UiPath and Google Cloud, businesses will be streamlined, thereby saving costs and instigating novel innovations.

With the introduction of a connector for Google Cloud Vertex AI, Google Cloud's unified AI platform, automation professionals will be given powerful tools enabling streamlined and cost-effective predictions. The connector allows access to the large language model PaLM 2, predicted text generation, and the building and managing of ML models. Furthermore, Google Vertex activities can be enabled in UiPath Studio to build automations interacting with Google Vertex data.

The accessibility of the UiPath platform also allows for effortless integration with Google Vision and Google Text. These features will help businesses derive insights from images and videos through machine learning models and perform sentiment analysis.

The UiPath platform, combining Gen AI with enterprise automation, machine learning, and natural language processing, is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace as part of the expanded partnership. Customers purchasing through Google Cloud Marketplace can benefit from consolidated billing, reduced procurement cycles, and cost savings against existing Google Cloud commitments.

The deployment of UiPath Studio and UiPath automations on Google Cloud offers computing capabilities, secure storage, and scalability. IT departments can automate processes linked with the management and maintenance of virtual machine instances hosted on Google Cloud.

As part of its Google Workspace integration process, UiPath presents best-in-class, API-based connectors supporting over 100 Google Cloud and Google Workspace integration activities. Customers can automate everyday tasks, with increased workflow productivity for developers integrating Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive into their automation processes.

Google Cloud Looker provides UiPath with valuable business insights. This allows UiPath to visualise data from hundreds of sources, unify intelligence, and enable faster decision-making. The UiPath Business Automation Platform is currently available on Google Cloud Marketplace.