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ANNA Money offers £1,500 internship caring for AI-affiliated Terrapin
Tue, 13th Feb 2024

London's Fintech firm, ANNA Money, has made headlines for its unusual but innovative internship. It's offering GBP £1,500 for a university student to care for its AI-affiliated Terrapin. The lucky intern will be engaged in feeding digital data to the firm's virtual pet, the Tax Terrapin while observing the impact of such technology on the authenticity of customer experiences.

The offbeat role, titled the Acting Chief Tax Terrapin Attendant, piques curiosity and promises an engaging month's work. The student will be tasked with catering to the unique appetite of a digital creature that thrives on up-to-date numerical data and tax facts. Assiduously catering to the Tax Terrapin's input needs will help the intern harness the AI's expansive knowledge base and influence its learning curve.

ANNA Money is a trailblazing fintech company credited with the creation of the AI-powered business account and tax app. Already assisting over 100,000 SMEs, they have made a name for themselves in the digital financial solutions market. Their AI chatbot, Tax Terrapin, has successfully passed seven professional accountancy and tax exams, demonstrating the firm's formidable use of AI and machine learning in improving customer experiences.

Being part of the internship does not require specific experience in finance, data science, or coding. Rather, the firm is seeking an enthusiast who can feed the AI with fresh data, keep it updated, and think creatively to enhance the Terrapin's learning and assistance to its users.

Nick Turusin, Lead Data Scientist at ANNA, highlighted the importance of offering inspiring placements to university students during this pivotal time of the year. He emphasised the value of the proposed role, stressing that it is not merely a fabricated position but a genuinely significant opportunity within Terrapin's development. 

"This is a crucial time of year when university students are looking for inspiring placements that will bolster their CVs. We thought we had something great to offer," remarked Nick Turusin. He went on to emphasise the significance of the proposed role, stating, "It is not a made-up job. It is actually a really important role at a critical time in Terrapin's development. It is a way to make a meaningful difference in making finance and tax information accessible and, crucially, understandable for all."

Last June, ANNA began utilising Terrapin, the AI-powered Chat GPT tax bot capable of clarifying UK tax questions. The artificial creature's ability to surpass professional exam thresholds highlights the success of ANNA's pioneering efforts in employing AI, machine learning, and Large Language Models (LLMs) to revolutionise small businesses' financial management.

A chapter in the tax and finance world is already shaped by the progressive tech tools being provided by ANNA. With the addition of more services like expense management and credit cards, the firm is setting new standards in making operational and financial tasks more straightforward to navigate for SME owners.