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Aryza & unveil enhanced payment solutions
Thu, 29th Feb 2024

A new landmark has been reached in the six-year-long alliance between Aryza Group, a financial software solutions provider, and payments specialist, This milestone involves the unveiling of advanced data-driven collection and disbursement options for Aryza's lending division. This enhancement is set to improve end-to-end payment process, spanning from collections to treasury services, facilitating the objective of enhancing Aryza's clients' knowledge, innovation, and ability to process payments in an increasingly regulated environment.

The partnership aims to enhance the loan book performance and governance for Aryza’s diverse client base. It is set to bring automation to disbursements, streamlining the user journey through Aryza's products. The strategic collaboration prioritises enhancing collection success rates and seamless navigation of payment processes. Recently,'s award-winning Hosted Checkout integration was incorporated into Aryza's Microservices technology stack. This integration facilitates the access of all Aryza platforms to market-leading products, offering comprehensive optionality in payment methods.

Andrea Varga, Aryza's Head of Innovation, has praised the efficiency of integration, stating, "The process of onboarding and integrating Acquired payment solutions into Aryza's microservices was one of the smoothest integrations we have ever had." She spoke highly of the Acquired team's responsiveness and the precision of their code base, which significantly aided the integration process.

The partnership has already brought transformative benefits to Aryza's clients, including Go Car Credit, the company states. Facing the impending sunset of their legacy payment gateways in 2022, the partnership facilitated a smooth transition to for these merchants. Data migration and integration were achieved quickly and seamlessly, with merchants switched to the new provider with minimal downtime and no requisite re-tokenisation of card details. The results included a significant increase in authorisation rates, between 5-8%, and an enhanced visibility into transaction declines, leading to an elevated collection process.

The collaboration has brought multiple benefits to Aryza's customers, including enhanced payment processing and collections. It has helped to reduce attriction rates and improve customer outcomes. Part of this includes the implementation of the Pay by Bank solution from, enabling customers to pay securely from a bank account of their choice. Indeed, customers are reported to have an improved overall experience, benefiting from diverse payment methods and improved cash flow management.

Martin Prigent, Group Director of Partnerships and Key Customer Relationships at Aryza, spoke highly of the partnership, stating, "The steadfast ownership and unparalleled expertise demonstrated by throughout the project were pivotal factors in its successful execution." Prigent anticipates a prosperous and enduring partnership with, praising them as an invaluable partner due to a combination of innovative technology and impeccable delivery.

AJ Davison, Senior Partner Manager at, has echoed Prigent's optimism, expressing his excitement towards being a part of Aryza's transformative journey. He commented, "The seamless integration of our payment platform into Aryza's products and Microservices technology stack is a testament to our shared dedication to prioritising the customers' needs." Davison looks forward to the further growth and development of the partnership with Aryza. Their shared commitment to delivering innovative technology focuses on empowering clients, reducing attrition rates, and improving overall customer outcomes.