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e& enterprise and Fils join forces to green digital payments
Tue, 9th Jan 2024

Payments company, e& enterprise, has announced a significant new partnership with Fintech startup, Fils.

This strategic collaboration aims to bring about a new standard in the digital payments world, marrying finance and environmental sustainability, the company states.

It marks a significant stride in e& enterprise's ongoing pledge to spearhead digital transformation on both a regional and global scale, seamlessly weaving an environmental conscience into each digital transaction.

The integration of Fils’ innovative platform into e& enterprise’s existing Digital Payment Platform via an Application Programming Interface (API) aims to empower businesses with the means to provide comprehensive, clear information about carbon emissions for each transaction. More specifically, customers will have the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint using tried and tested methods.

In addition to this, the partnership will offer a range of emissions calculators and offsetting mechanisms, steering businesses towards more transparent carbon calculations and offsetting choices based on transactions.

Alberto Araque, CEO of e& enterprise IoT & AI, spoke of the union stating: "Our collaboration with Fils is more than a partnership, it represents a pivotal shift in our operating ethos. We are embarking on a journey that goes beyond enhancing our digital payments platform to fundamentally reshape the way businesses and consumers engage with digital commerce, prioritising environmental responsibility at every step."

The drive of this initiative synchronises with the environmental mission of COP28 and underscores e& enterprise's dedication to fostering green business models. Aiming to strike a balance between profitability and sustainable practices, this partnership is set to benefit the entire financial ecosystem and the wider community.

With a reputation for its comprehensive B2B2C offering and technological proficiency, Fils resonates perfectly with e& enterprise's commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles. The collaboration is expected to dramatically reshape sectors including financial services, hospitality, and e-commerce, integrating sustainability into their core operations.

Nameer Khan, CEO and Founder of Fils, shared his perspective: "By joining forces with e& enterprise, we are setting a precedent for integrating sustainability into financial transactions, enabling businesses and consumers to make a tangible impact on the environment."

"It also marks an important shift in the business world, where the pursuit of profit and environmental management are no longer mutually exclusive, but inseparably linked."

The e& enterprise Payments Platform, fortified by this partnership, will set a standard in promoting sustainability in digital payments, the company states. The unified technologies allow businesses to bolster their environmental commitment and improve their brand image while offering consumers a direct tool to track and offset their carbon emissions. The partnership is anticipated to trigger shifts towards sustainable consumption patterns, thereby enriching the social and environmental landscape of the UAE.