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InterCloud makes history with Secure Swiss Finance Network certification
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

InterCloud, a premier software-defined cloud interconnect (SDCI) provider, has achieved Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) certification, making history as the first company outside of Switzerland to assimilate its services into the network.

This pivotal development allows banks to utilise InterCloud’s infrastructure for smoother connectivity to the SSFN.

Established through a collaboration between the Swiss National Bank and SIX Group, SSFN is a structured network that grants connected users the ability to communicate with SIX, other financial market infrastructure, and each other.

SSFN is built upon the SCION network protocol, a newer model providing stronger security, control, and privacy than its predecessors. This sophisticated network is scheduled to replace the existing Finance IPNet network in September 2024.

InterCloud`s extensive experience in SDCI amplifies the expertise available to customers connecting to SSFN, bringing a distinctive insight to the table that no other compliant companies can currently offer.

Additionally, InterCloud intends to contribute its far-reaching experience in cloud connectivity following the certification. Subject to approval by the SSFN governing bodies, the company aims to deliver these connectivity services as needed.

InterCloud provides a fully managed end-to-end service. This allows banks to gain easy access to their infrastructure and simplifies the transition to SSFN. The international stature of the company is a significant advantage as it introduces an ability to securely link financial institutions to international counterparts, enhancing their resources and resilience.

Mourad El Malki, CISO at InterCloud, commented, “Our SSFN certification represents another crucial step in InterCloud's trajectory. The SSFN and the SCION protocol have enormous potential in significantly enhancing the security of financial services in Switzerland and around the globe. We are delighted to play a central role in fostering its success.”

El Malki added, “In a heavily regulated sector like ours, a complex yet indispensable aspect such as cloud connectivity and data movement across the network calls for meticulous management."

"It requires profound knowledge and experience in the best connectivity practices, particularly in transferring highly sensitive data that adheres to international data sovereignty and security regulations. We take great pride in being the first company capable of doing this for SSFN.”

The achievement of SSFN certification commenced with InterCloud submitting an initial application to SIX. Subsequently, an auditing team examined InterCloud’s qualifications in detail.

The process was followed by an internal vote by SIX and other governing bodies to integrate InterCloud into the SSFN ecosystem. The certification of the company will be re-evaluated annually.