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Maximising AI potential depends on efficient underlying tech
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in recent years. Most of the discussion has centred on the capabilities of AI and its potential future impact. However, there is less focus on how organisations can maximise the capabilities of AI. To do this, organisations need to ensure the technology that underpins their AI strategy is as effective and efficient as possible, according to the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

CIF research conducted this year found that 86% of respondents consider AI either very important or critical to their business. Additionally, 14% have completed the process of migrating applications to the cloud and are now using the cloud to develop their AI strategy. This indicates a definite appetite for AI within businesses and a recognition of its potential benefits.

The Cloud Industry Forum argues that for AI to be successful, organisations must go back to basics. "We’re very much at the start of a new wave of technological advancement, encompassing AI and other emerging tech, such as the metaverse, mixed reality, robotics and IoT. It’s vital for organisations to ride this wave rather than be swamped by it," said David Terrar, CEO of CIF. "Technologies like AI might promise to revolutionise businesses, but getting the best out of them takes time and effort."

Proper implementation of AI requires not just the development and delivery of the technology, but also governance measures such as cybersecurity and data protection regulations. Terrar further emphasised the importance of data quality: "Garbage in, garbage out is an oft-used phrase when it comes to data-related pursuits, and it’s more relevant than ever in AI. The allure of AI lies in its autonomous power, but it can’t reach its potential if the less glamorous work isn’t done in the background to help it succeed."

Alongside AI, cloud technology also has a significant role in technological advancement. CIF's research showed that 90% of respondents said cloud has helped their company improve in its digital transformation efforts and become more effective, while 96% asserted that their cloud strategy has delivered against their expectations. "There are lots of challenges to address in becoming an AI frontrunner in any given industry, and cloud remains a powerful enabler in this respect," commented Terrar. "With stability in IT, ambitious AI projects become much easier to realise."

In conclusion, for AI to be fully maximised, businesses need to ensure their underlying technology and governance measures are efficient and effective. By doing so, they will be in a strong position to reap the benefits of AI.