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Money20/20 Europe’s Champions of Change to be unveiled
Tue, 16th May 2023

Money20/20 Europe’s Champions of Change will be unveiled at the world's largest fintech event, held at Amsterdam Convention Centre on June 6-8th. 

As part of the Champions of Change program this year, seven influential fintech leaders will present or moderate the sessions. 

Among those seven are Dr Ruth Wandhofer, Executive Director and VC partner at Gauss Ventures; Maria Prados, Head of Vertical Growth at Worldpay; Mary Agebsanwa, Fintech Growth Lead at investment technology provider Seccl; three leaders moving the industry with impact and broader purpose.

Mary Agbesanwa, Fintech Growth Lead at Secc, believes that moderating and speaking at Money20/20 Europe will elevate Seccl’s presence, a company that exists “to help people invest and invest well.” 

Agbesanwa says: “We are a regulated custodian and investment technology provider that powers leading fintech and advice firms to run their own investment platform, ultimately supporting them to get to market fast and at low cost."

“Money20/20’s audience of decision makers and senior leadership is exactly where we want to be, allowing us to have productive conversations efficiently."

Maarten Stolk, Co-founder and CEO of Deeploy commented: “Responsible and explainable AI becomes increasingly important with AI being used in more high-impact cases.”

“It’s a topic that requires awareness and education, and I feel honoured to moderate and bring attention and transparency to Explainable AI at Money20/20 Europe.  

“Deeploy is a company that essentially ensures that AI can be used in regulated risk AI cases rebuilding the underlying infrastructure and platform for data teams to deploy AI models safely.

“Money20/20 is the one leading industry event in Europe where key players in the financial industry are coming together for both business opportunities and inspiration,” says Mr Stolk.

Money20/20 will also welcome Gerrit Sindermann, Deputy Executive Director at Green Digital Finance Alliance, a nonprofit, next-generation, green digital finance.

“I feel honoured to moderate sessions with some leaders in this space and collaborate on the program content development. I look forward to inspiring conversations on and off stage and hope to spark enthusiasm for green digital finance among the conference audience,” says Mr Sindermann.

Joanne Dewar, Ambassador at the Payments Association and Money20/20 VIP speaker, will be moderating a panel on financial inclusion named ‘Future of Credit With Affordability in Mind.’

Dewar said he was honoured to be a Champion of Change at the event and was eager to connect with like-minded friends from the industry.

“We’re seeing the role of open banking and finance impacting financial inclusion. We’re also noticing that AI and machine learning have a role in harnessing the future possibilities for those not fully included in the financial world and look forward to elevating these important topics at the show,” says Dewar.