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RM Technology unveils NX-Generation IT services for UK schools
Tue, 16th Jan 2024

RM Technology, a provider of edtech solutions and strategies, has announced the launch of NX-Generation Services, its first-ever holistic IT services portfolio.

The newly introduced services are designed with a clear intention to ensure the continual improvement across technology, skills, and security in UK schools and trusts.

The Department for Education (DfE) recently found that 60% of school leaders believe their staff's lack of confidence and skills with technology creates barriers to more prevalent tech usage.

In what may bode well for these leaders and their schools, the NX-Generation Services portfolio offers specialised staff training designed to boost confidence and improve digital safety measures, while also increasing protection against the growing menace of cybersecurity threats, the company states.

Coincidentally, the DfE's research also revealed that 19% of school devices encountered spyware, malware, or other virus infections in the past year.

Deviating from the conventional break/fix model of IT support, RM Technology aims to make technology future-proof for upcoming generations with its NX-Generation Services.

By incorporating AI modules throughout the portfolio, the ensuing solution not only ensures a more comprehensive and cost-effective delivery model, it also promises to drive down the cost for schools. With AI-enabled operations, RM Technology intends to elevate classroom experiences and streamline administrative tasks significantly.

The innovative NX-Generation hybrid AI-enabled services portfolio is specifically designed to help schools enhance productivity and operational scalability, all without inflating costs.

This package comprises four main modules, including NX-Gen Discover, NX-Gen Deliver, NX-Gen Manage, and NX-Gen Enable. School leaders and education providers can create a bespoke package suitable to their IT maturity and in-house capabilities by combining elements from these modules.

"We are enhancing the way IT is used within schools and trusts. We're improving IT infrastructure and increasing staff confidence, thus creating a next-generation experience for pupils," said Jason Tomlinson, Managing Director at RM Technology.

He added, "With current operating models, particularly in trusts, being challenged by rises in energy costs and inflation, the financial health of institutions is increasingly under pressure."

"With a significant rise in demand for subscription models, we're responding through a flexible portfolio that bestows school leaders and teachers with innovative technology ecosystems and beneficial resources, all geared towards bolstering pupil outcomes."

Tomlinson added that the launch of the NX-Generation Services aims to directly tackle the common issue that teachers and support staff are expending too much time getting technology to function correctly, rather than focusing on delivering exceptional learning experiences. RM Technology, notably a Gold Microsoft Partner, Premier Google for Education Partner, and boasts strategic partnerships with companies including HP and Aruba.