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Tint Financial Services celebrates worldwide finance milestone
Tue, 23rd Jan 2024

Tint Financial Services, the London-based cross-border fintech company, has successfully facilitated the worldwide flow of goods worth USD $20 million, marking a significant funding milestone. This comes only six months after the company's launch, solidifying its position among the UK's most impactful and rapidly growing fintech businesses.

The achievement proves the invaluable role Tint Financial Services provides in helping small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to scale their operations globally. This comes at a critical time when traditional banks have been reducing their support to businesses, evidenced by fewer relationship managers.

Tint was formed to tackle a prevailing industry problem: More than 30% of potential global trade is restrained by complexity and insufficient funding. A multidisciplinary team of seasoned experts from the banking, insurance, technology, data, compliance and credit sectors formed Tint with the goal of simplifying and enhancing the process of international trade for SMEs.

The fintech's platform integrates key services required for international trade, including trade finance, insurance, currency exchange (FX), logistics, compliance, and support for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The goal of this comprehensive platform is to provide SMEs with quicker access to capital, more flexible terms, and bespoke financial solutions, thus allowing them to scale and flourish in the global marketplace with ease.

Steve Rose, CEO of Tint, celebrated the company's milestone: "We are thrilled that we have been able to help our clients secure financing, enabling them to import and export more easily to fuel their expansion plans. Not only have we reached an important milestone, but we have also built a healthy pipeline of clients."

Rose praised the agility of the company's fintech offering and the dedication of the team, attributing the success to their commitment to excellence. He added, "We have validated the market gap and the need for the combination of services that will be available through our platform and look forward to helping many more businesses along their scaling journey."

Tint's lending ventures are supported by Channel Capital, an alternative investment fund manager specialising in technology-driven trade finance and B2B lending. Channel Capital, the investment division of Channel Digital Holdings, is known for aiding the innovation economy in the UK, Europe, and North America, having deployed more than USD $10 billion to businesses since 2014.

Founded in 2023, Tint brings together experienced banking and industry professionals, taking advantage of the latest systems and technology in the market. The fintech firm specialises in international trade for scaling SMEs, offering trade finance, insurance, and FX services. This year, Tint plans to expand its services to include logistics, compliance, and ESG support. Until now, Tint has secured USD $1 million in contracted revenue and facilitated more than 150 trades across 30 routes globally.