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Accenture recognises Ivalua as leading solution in direct materials
Thu, 14th Mar 2024

Accenture, a prominent technology consulting firm, has recognised Ivalua, a global expert in spend management, as the leading solution provider in the direct materials sector. This newly confirmed strategic partnership will see Accenture use Ivalua's offering, which provides complete visibility of supplier activity and associated risk.

The direct materials landscape confronts several challenges, ranging from volatile commodities, labour and supply shortages to logistics constraints. Modern corporations must manage increasingly intricate product configurations, address evolving consumer demand, and contend with mounting pressures regarding sustainability compliance. Ensuring supply chain resilience is a crucial priority for manufacturing organisations in these dynamic times.

Ivalua's comprehensive solution, a spend and supplier management platform, supports a wide range of spend categories, including indirect goods, direct materials, services and industry-specific categories.

Built on a unified data model, the platform offers 360-degree supplier and contract visibility, robust reporting and analytics, and remarkable flexibility, making it ideal for complex, multilevel supplier environments.

Furthermore, Ivalua's capacity to seamlessly integrate with multiple third-party platforms and support leading integration tools and connectors boosts its ability to monitor and manage supplier risk and performance effectively.

Pierre-François Kaltenbach, Senior Managing Director at Accenture, praised the partnership, noting its success in driving digital transformations in various industries worldwide. He expressed eagerness to continue enhancing the collaboration to achieve even greater outcomes in the future.

“The collaboration between Accenture and Ivalua has already enabled multiple digital transformations globally across a range of industries and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership," stated Kaltenbach. 

Kaltenbach also remarked that by leveraging Ivalua's comprehensive view of supplier activity and risk, businesses involved with direct materials can gain key insights and foster deep supplier cooperation. This approach helps them navigate the challenges of intricate supplier environments and construct a resilient and sustainable value chain.

Gabriel Giret, VP of Global Alliances and Academy at Ivalua, expressed gratitude for Accenture's recognition of Ivalua as a top direct material vendor. He emphasised the importance of digitalisation and data maturity in enhancing supply chain efficiency and responsiveness, noting that without these, companies may face challenges in effectively addressing supply disruptions.

Giret said, "We are delighted and honoured that Accenture views Ivalua as the leading direct material vendor. Lack of digitisation and data maturity often result in poor responsiveness to supply disruptions and inefficiencies."

Giret further elucidated the value of the Accenture-Ivalua partnership, declaring that by harnessing Ivalua's solution in tandem with Accenture's expertise, they will "empower a growing number of organisations operating in the direct materials space to digitise their operations to ensure supply continuity, improve margins, and co-innovate closely with suppliers."