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ANS Group & Global 4 form strategic partnership for digital transformation
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

The Manchester-based digital transformation and cloud services provider, ANS Group, has announced a strategic partnership with the UK's leading independent technology provider, Global 4. The collaboration aims to support businesses and their customers in their digital transformation journey.

This partnership heralds a significant stage for both companies and offers a chance to utilise each other's expertise in various domains, including telecoms, IT, data, cloud, and security, to enhance customer experiences. The initiative is devised to assist traditional channel companies in their development and evolution of product offerings in the domains of cloud, security, and digital services.

Global 4 and ANS Group's collective offerings will address the dynamic demands of businesses of all sizes and sectors. Their expertise will allow for an all-encompassing suite of products and services that will enhance efficiency and productivity in a digitised business environment.

CEO of ANS Group, Richard Thompson, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "Today's announcement marks the beginning of an exciting partnership. We are thrilled to partner with Global 4 and extend our digital services to their customers. Customers across the UK need assistance with digital transformation, and together we can leverage each other's expertise and experience to deliver world-class services. I can't wait to see our partnership grow."

Congruently, Global 4's CEO, Carl Barnett, shares a similar sentiment. He said, "We are delighted to be partnering with ANS, offering us an opportunity to access the highest level of cloud service expertise encompassing AI and digital transformation. Combined, we can deliver next generation IT solutions with an overarching impact across all areas of business technology."

Both companies share a common vision of providing customer-centric, future-proof solutions that facilitate business transformation and success in a digitised economy. Through their collaboration, new opportunities for cross-selling, innovation, and enhanced customer experience will be fostered.

As a part of this collaboration, ANS Group and Global 4 are planning to host a series of webinars discussing the fundamentals of digital transformation covering Cloud, Security and Digital. Their first webinar titled, 'Copilot & AI: Getting your business ready' is led by Chris Huntingford, Director of Innovation and Microsoft MVP with ANS Group.