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Bristol's Symmetry targets growth in 2024 through machine learning
Tue, 16th Jan 2024

Symmetry, the Bristol-based cloud accountancy software provider, aims to achieve new growth in 2024 by targeting new business sectors and enhancing the use of machine learning on its platforms. The firm's accounting software, bluQube, is professed to be carving a new path within its niche, built on a foundation of product innovation and customer satisfaction.

This technology company was established in 1996 following a management buyout from Oracle UK. Its bluQube platform already integrates machine learning elements in its operations, and it is expected that these capabilities will see significant expansion through new product development in the following years.

The software currently utilises features such as optical character recognition (OCR) which translates handwritten or printed text into coded text for use in its systems. It is built to be adaptable for an array of business finance needs, including both on-premise and cloud systems. Overall, it's designed to make the world of finance professionals easier, whether that's reducing administrative tasks with a user-friendly interface, eliminating data entry with interoperable technology, or providing a cloud platform.

In recent years, Symmetry has expanded its client portfolio by offering solutions to more diverse sectors such as logistics, charities, and housing. "In recent months, transport & logistics has become a critical growth area for us, and we expect that to continue throughout 2024," explained Marketing Director Sophie Wilkins, who recently joined the company's board.

Wilkins added, "We are closely examining other sectors where we can see that our products and service approach aligns with the clients' requirements. One key change we've observed over time is how we've become much more interlinked with our clients rather than just providing them with a system. Our client relationships have become far less transactional and more integrated. We can offer them solutions which make them more efficient and responsive."

She stressed the importance of innovation, saying, "We can't stand still and expect clients to stay with us out of tradition. We need to innovate, challenge, and anticipate what our clients need almost before they know themselves. Our development team keeps building new capabilities all the time, and these are increasingly utilising the opportunities afforded by AI and machine learning."

Earlier this year, Symmetry released a research report investigating the effectiveness, adoption, and concerns associated with the development of artificial intelligence in the workplace. The company's headquarters are located in Pill, and it currently approaches the end of its financial year after reporting a record turnover of £2.2 million last year.