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Ecommpay incorporates Bacs & SEPA Direct Debit via GoCardless alliance
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Ecommpay, an international Payment Service Provider and direct bank card acquirer in the UK and Europe, has bolstered its position in these markets by incorporating Bacs and SEPA Direct Debit capabilities. This development has been facilitated through a strategic collaboration with bank payment firm GoCardless, enabling merchants to offer subscription payments across the UK and Europe directly within the Ecomppay platform. Remarkably, this new offering is projected to enlarge Ecommpay's market coverage in the UK and EU by roughly 44% without the risk of cannibalising existing payment options.

Direct Debit has experienced growing popularity and consumer request, becoming one of the UK's preferred and respected payment modes. Approximately 80% of Brits use Direct Debit to manage regular expenses. Ecommpay's internal survey conducted at the close of 2023 highlighted that during the pandemic, 54% of UK consumers utilised subscriptions, with 42% sustaining this pattern and 14% advancing their use. UK consumers have an average of 1.6 active subscriptions, with 32% using one frequently and another 30% operating two.

Responding to changing consumer payment preferences and acknowledging the challenges businesses encounter, such as fraud prevention and minimising checkout abandonment rates, Ecommpay has proactively introduced Direct Debit payments. This strategic association with GoCardless allows Ecommpay merchants to provide subscription-based payment options across the UK and Europe. These services additionally offer enhanced acceptance rates and assurance against fraud commonly associated with bank payments.

Arthur Ribakovs, Head of Financial Partnerships at Ecommpay, shared his views on this new initiative: "The addition of Direct Debit capabilities further expands Ecommpay's already comprehensive portfolio, including global card acquiring via a single integration, Open Banking: Advanced, and 100+ local payment methods."

"With a full-stack proprietary ecosystem that ensures 99.999% uptime and around-the-clock business and IT support, Ecommpay is not only strengthening its presence in the UK and Europe, but continues to improve its offering for FinTech and e-commerce merchants."

Also expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, Deepak Colluru, Director of Product Management for GoCardless Embed, commented, "We are extremely proud to help Ecommpay launch its Direct Debit offering, enabling its customers to tap into a payment option that is seamless, secure and highly preferred."

"Ecommpay's speed to market is a testament to the simple 'plug-and-play' nature of GoCardless Embed, allowing payment service providers to access a global bank payment network in a matter of weeks. We look forward to helping millions of businesses realise the benefits of bank payments, from reducing costs, fraud and manual admin to increasing cash flow and conversion."

Ecommpay's strategic collaboration with GoCardless to incorporate Bacs and SEPA Direct Debit capabilities marks a significant advancement in the realm of subscription-based payments across the UK and Europe. By addressing changing consumer preferences and business challenges, Ecommpay strengthens its market position and enhances its offering for FinTech and e-commerce merchants.