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Finkr launches to revolutionise fintech sector with visionary strategies
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

London-based Finkr, a visionary next-generation consultancy, officially launches today, with a mission to reshape the fintech sector through powerful strategy and advanced technology. Born from the vast experience of founder Ion Fratiloiu, Finkr offers tailor-made solutions to fintechs, lenders, digital banks, and tech companies, emphasising not just support and guidance, but transformation.

Finkr differentiates itself from other consultancies by prioritising the importance of vision in strategy. The firm asserts that being able to predict future trends is central to excelling in the ever-evolving fintech world. "At Finkr, we believe that a clear, visionary approach is the cornerstone of breakthrough strategies. Our mission is to harness the power of next-gen technology, coupled with deep product research, to develop solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations," explained Ion Fratiloiu, CEO and founder of Finkr.

The firm offers a variety of services to propel its clients towards the future, including Fractional CxO (commercial, product, technology etc.) and expert consultations. These are devised specifically to bridge the leadership and specialist knowledge gap. Finkr targets fintech companies, lenders, digital banks, and tech giants that stand to reap exceptional benefits from their innovative perspective and wide array of service offerings.

Simultaneously, Finkr is launching its venture division, Finkr Ventures, whose focus is to support firms with raising debt and equity. This branch operates on a direct relationship-driven methodology, making use of an expansive network of investors scattered across Europe, North America, and Asia to secure the necessary finances for its clients' projects.

The team at Finkr consists of former savants from banking, capital markets, and heavyweight tech establishments such as Fiserv and Finastra, along with specialist consultants from McKinsey. This diverse crew provides Finkr with vast experience in commercial leadership, lending, core banking, payments, embedded finance, Banking as a Service, KYC, and AML, among other areas.

Finkr encourages fintechs, lenders, digital banks, and tech companies to realise how a bold strategy, deeply anchored in methodical research and advanced technology, can unlock unprecedented growth and success. "Finkr represents a paradigm shift in consulting, driven by rapid technological advancements and direct in-market lived-through experiences," Fratiloiu maintains. "We're not just adapting to the new era of consultancy; we're actively shaping it. Our vision is to empower our clients with groundbreaking solutions that address today's complex challenges, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage."