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Universal Partners launches inclusive FX Academy in London
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

In a pioneering endeavour, Universal Partners, a London-based fintech firm, has officially launched the FX Academy. Devised following four years of development and testing, the academy aims to foster financial industry skills amongst diverse young talents and professionals, providing a unique gateway into the fintech domain.

The FX Academy neither demands any prior qualifications, financial or fintech experience nor sales expertise. Instead, applicants are selected on the basis of their potential to excel in the fintech industry. The only prerequisite for selection is a positive attitude, making it an inclusive and unique recruitment initiative based in Canary Wharf. The academy is also considered possibly the first of its kind.

Devised as a comprehensive year-long training scheme, the academy empowers participants, irrespective of their previous educational credentials or professional experience, to acquire the skills necessary to become a Business Development Executive at Universal Partners. To facilitate this, Universal Partners will take cohorts through intensive training over an eight-month period on aspects such as macroeconomics, international payments and relationship-building in the fintech realm.

Participants will be hired on a full-time basis with Universal Partners upon completion of the course. During the programme, participants will begin with an income of 21k, followed by an increase to 24k at the mid-point, and finally, 27k once they graduate. This structure promises a unique career pathway for non-traditional newcomers to fintech, offering financial rewards from the very commencement of their academy journey.

Universal Partners' initiative is pragmatic in its approach to diversity, welcoming professionals transitioning from other fields, such as law and accountancy, and also young adults fresh out of senior school. The FX Academy is now readying for its cohort intake in February 2024, standing true to its ethos of hard work, loyalty, collaboration, transparency and reflection.

Oliver Carson, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Universal Partners, stated, "The FX Academy is more than just a training programme; it's an embodiment of our core values and our dedication to creating a truly inclusive workplace. We believe talent is not confined to traditional educational backgrounds or socioeconomic status." He co-founded Universal Partners following an untraditional journey, starting his career in finance immediately after school, without a degree. Carson believes that the FX Academy will provide many more young, ambitious individuals with similar opportunities.

The FX Academy has in its previous three years proven to be successful in drawing a varied group of individuals spanning the ages of 17-30 years from a broad spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds and varying educational qualifications. Many of its graduates now hold leadership roles in the firm, playing a pivotal role in the company's growth strategy.

Moving forward, Universal Partners aims to widen its workforce and forge key associations with global financial institutions, ensuring the momentum gained over the past years continues, with volumes nearly doubling to 1.3 billion last year. This accomplishment places the company amongst the UK’s fastest-growing fintech organisations.

Prospective individuals interested in kick-starting their fintech journey are invited to apply for the next cohort, due to begin in February 2024.